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Rental Requests

This is where service really makes the difference!

Short & Long Term rentals of Wheelchairs, Scooters, Oxygen, Portable Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP, BiPap, Rollators and Hospital Beds are a reservation away! Ashley Medical provides Medical Equipment to the Home, Hotels, Airline Travel, Cruise Ship Travel, and Automobile Travel

How to begin the process?

Oxygen Requests Provide the following information answers in the Details Box Below

Type Device:    a) Portable Oxygen Concentrator POC  b) Stationary Oxygen Concentrator SOC  c) Portable Cylinder System

Flow Rate:          Provide Flow Rate Needed in Liters Per Min LPM

Dates Needed:    Enter the Start and End Date

Destination:        Enter the Residence or Hotel Name and Address. If Hotel please provide Reservation Name

Note:   All Oxygen Rentals Require a Current Rx to be Provided Prior to Dispense. This can be Faxed 1-619-297-6530 or emailed to ashleymedical@yahoo.com.

Wheelchairs, Walkers & Scooters    Provide Answers to the following helpful information in the Details Box Below: 

Type Mobility:      a)  Std Wheelchair for weights up to 250 lbs  b)  Transport Wheelchair for weights up to 200 lbs  c)  Rollator/Walker for weights up to 250 lbs  d)  Scooter - Small Transportable for weights up to 300 lbs  e)  Scooter - Medium Transportable for weights up to 300 lbs  f)  Scooter - Heavy Duty for weights up to 350 lbs

Height / Weight:   Enter Height in Ft & Weight in Lbs. MANDATORY

Dates Needed:      Start Date and End Date of Rental

Destination:          Enter Residence Address or Hotel Name + Address + Reservation Name


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